Sunday, November 28, 2010

My body hates me. Hates me. Hates me. Hates me.
The mirrors shatter into a million pieces everytime I look into them.
I lift my arm up, it's a log, I look at it again, it blows up even bigger. No body can make it go away.


  1. hmm...
    my version?

    smart/beautiful/intelligent/skinny/amazing/hero! [you're not a bitch, dear. not even close.]
    amazing/gorgeous/wonderful/and well... i guess i can't say anything against being lost.

    but you, are wonderful. and i love you to pieces. i hate when you talk about yourself this way, but i guess i'm being a hypocrite saying that... but you are amazing, and beautiful, and gorgeous, and not a bitch. or fat. or ugly. or stupid.

    hang in there. i'm allllllways here for you.

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