Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My heavy heart.
There it stays, beating hopelessly.
Trapped inside the bitter months of the past.
Frozen into the tiny perfect ice cycles that even the sunshine couldn't melt away. It's the happiness and the love that never disappeared with the rest...


  1. <3
    I love too much; always, too much. I love so much that I have nothing for myself. nothing but cold, emptiness. Silence.
    I gave him my heart; all that I have. He is everything now. I don't know if I could think about having a heart after him, for he is mine, now.
    Time is everything, though.
    Time rules us.
    And some it will leave untouched, others it will wash away, edges eroded, center weakened.
    You will stay strong, though.
    I believe it.