Thursday, September 22, 2011

I am the ugly daughter. I am the one nobody comes for. Emma says she's gonna leave this place and start her own life off in the city. She says she doesn't want to wait for a man to take her away, but she doesn't want to be left alone either. But I know Emma will be taken by a boy with long locks and rings on all fingers in no time at all. I don't want to wait this way, every night leaning all my sadness on one elbow, waiting for someone to love me, imagining what might be. I want to be the woman with red lips who pushes all the boys away. But, she's beyond me too. I just don't know who I am.


  1. You are one of the most beautiful, most lush, girls I've known.
    You always will be.
    And you'll find your way, darling.

  2. you are beautiful. and i think it is better to wait a little longer than everyone else and find someone who loves you, who is perfect for you in everyway. and hopefully, when he comes all the waiting and sadness will seem worth it because you loved him so much. x

  3. So hi. Your writing is lovely.
    I like to drink coffee and sit in corners, too. I don't know what Emma's relation to you is, but my best friend is Emma. I feel like we have a lot in common already.
    I will stalk your blog, if you don't mind, and await your next post with the acceptable amount of anticipation.


  4. You can't wait. Waiting brings forth nothing but sadness, I should know, I wasted years of my life waiting. You have to gather all your courage around your shoulders and go out into the world and Live. It's the only way.