Sunday, January 27, 2013

How To Tell Someone You Love Them:

* Send them letters
* Make lists of things you love about them,
   write it on your favorite part of their skin.
* Run them a hot bath
* Take them to the symphony
* Light candles
* Let your body become their sweater
* Give them your last pair of socks
* Take pictures of them
* Make them a cup of tea
* Knit them mittens
* Rub lotion on their hands,
   mold them like a sculpture.
* Read their favorite book
* Make them a mix cd
* Sing to them
* Watch all their favorite movies
* Read them a poem
* Include them in your journal
* Be shy around them
* Tell them you miss them
* Make love to them
* Allow your body to crumple beneath theirs
* Exchange recipes
* Cook for them
* Wear their clothing
* Laugh at their jokes
* Buy them a plant
* Take them to your favorite place
* Inspire them
* Bloom, whither, bloom again.
* Let your fingers trace their spine
* Smile as often as you can manage
* Admire their hands, play with their fingers
* Watch them sleep
* Remember their birthday
* Pretend they are fragile
* Crawl under their skin
* Bruise them with your lips
* Button their clothing where
   hands can't reach
* Show them your scars
* Comb their hair
* Paint for them
* Say "I love you."


  1. What if you can't pretend they're fragile? Because they really are?

  2. Breathtakingly beautiful. And so true, and so true.