Thursday, July 1, 2010

My Only Downfall

Even now, after all of this time, I'm still so incredibly in love with you.
I break away from your tight grasp for only a moment. And for that time being, however long that may be, I convince myself that I'm almost O.K knowing that you'll never return the same feelings I have grown for you, for someone like me. A person who's quiet and thoughtful. Who doesn't say much but always has alot on her mind. Who's opinionated, irritable, hopeless, unintelligent, lazy, subtle....
Why would anyone love someone like me?
But when I see your face. Your curly blond hair, and blue eyes. The slight scruff that develops upon your face indicating your failure to shave in the past few days, your smile, and your ability to emanate artistic grace and manliness all in the same movement. I find you absolutely stunning, and those small characteristics that most seem oblivious to, simply fascinate me.
Your like my own personal gravity bringing me back to you once again.
And again,
And again..

Gravity: The force of attraction by which terrestrial bodies tend to fall.

1 comment:

  1. pretty much everything i could sum up about how i feel with certain people. or how i have felt in the past.
    we're too much alike. but yet you can say it better than i can. ahaha.
    this was really amazing!
    just like you!(:
    haha love you!