Wednesday, June 23, 2010

This old sweet song, leaves me with you in mind.

Hands in the fallen snow; Numb to the winter cold. But we don't mind, because we'll get warm inside.
This song, reminds me of you....
I remember that night so vividly, as though I was reliving the moment all over again. I had ditched the G.N.O I had been obligated to attend and instead joined you for another night that I knew, as soon as it was planned, would be kept as a memory for the rest of my life. We went for a walk in the cold January weather. It was dark outside and the only resonance we both heard was the sound of each other's voices, and our feet lightly skimming the ground. It was cold; him in his pea coat and me in my white eskimo wrap as each breath we took was visibile. I had not planned for an evening in winter wonderland, so for my feet attire, I wore my Steve Madden black flats, and as we crossed the field with mini mountains of snow, my feet it seemed had gone completely numb and just after we reached the road once again, I had then lost my ability to walk. We sat on the cold pavement, my feet bundled in my coat as you loudly laughed at me. It was funny and I found myself laughing along with you, but my feet stung and the panic of becoming a potential frost bite victim could not be held back.
I continually spoke of my worries as you reassured me each time that my feet were only cold and would be cured as soon as we got back inside the house. Though I desperately needed the warmth I in no way was ready to relive the walk that had left me here in such pain. As we sat there, you talking, and me whining while attempting to warm myself with friction without much success we noticed each star and how lovely they were. In that moment, I remember getting to know you even more than I already did, and I was almost grateful that my feet were about to fall off, because with that came the stronger knowledge of you, and what it felt like to fall in love with someone. I knew after tonight, that there would always be a stronger bond between us than before. It excited me, and scared me all at the same time. What if you didn't feel the same way I did? What if my heart held more than yours? But soon, after all that, you peacefully carried me home on your back. Though you hid it well, I knew you were struggling, but nontheless you successfully got me home safely and we spent the rest of our night together in the comfort of your warm bedroom.
I miss that night more than I could ever verbalize. But most of all, I miss you.


  1. that.







  2. whatever.
    that's YOU, in denial, honey bun!
    don't ask why i called you honey bun.
    i'm hung over on camp and mountain air, and it's 12:30 am (: ahaha!