Monday, June 21, 2010

Strange Feelings...

It's strange how hard it can be walking away from someone knowing you may never see them again, when you don't even know their last name. I don't know where he's from, I don't know what instrument he plays, I only know his first name:

How is it possible that a person I only met once and talked with once has caught me in a web of saddness when I realize I may never see him again? Why do I think about a boy I know nothing about? Why do I hope that I'll see him sometime soon in the near future when I don't even know whether he lives in the same state as I do or not? Why do I desperately wish I could rewind time and live in the moment when he told me I was a terrible dancer?
Is it possible for a person to impact us so greatly, and make us so happy in such a short time that they never leave our minds, and we drown in the thought that that one incredible moment with them was a once in a liftetime experience and we must move on with our lives and leave it that way? Or, is it something more? That perhaps there's an indication why I think of him almost every minute, that possibly he runs through my mind because he may become a significant person in my life in the future? That maybe next summer, I'll see him again. Only next time, I'll be prepared to force him into being a large part of my life, so I won't again live through the present emotion of..."What if?"

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