Thursday, June 10, 2010

There Are Signs Everywhere

I believe that your destiny has already been decided. I do not mean in the way that you'll either go to Heaven or Hell, and the belief you shouldn't try to be either good or bad because either way your destined to either of these places. That is not what I mean. I believe that God gives us signs to show us our way to where we are destined to be whether it be in another city or state, near to another person, or finally choose a certain decision you have contimplated for a short period of time. If we all took the time to think...there are signs everywhere to help us find our way. I happen to think there is an explanation beyond reason, beyond all logic, that brought us to a certain spot at the exact same time someone else showed up. Have you ever sat, lonely, and unhappy and in that instant someone gifted you with a text message or an unexpected phone call? And you seem almost surprised that that particular person actually began a conversation with you when you thought they never would. To me, this can only be a sign, that in some Chinese Voo-doo way this person will be an essential part of your life for reasons you may not know until later down life's endless road. We all have heard the expression, "Everything happens for a reason." But does it? Do people change so that we can learn to let go or because they just simply were not supposed to be in our life for a reason that perhaps far in the future they might change us into a person we do not desire to be that will bring us down to infinite sorrow and unhappiness? Do things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they are right or is it simply bad luck and a large case of "karma?" Do we believe lies so we eventually learn to trust no one but ourselves? Do good things fall apart so that better things may fall together, or do good things leave us because we do not deserve them? We learn things in life through signs: through loss and hard times but also through happiness and joy. God speaks to those who take the time to listen.

Dear Friend, I think there is an explanation beyond reason and logic that brought you to that very spot at the exact same time I showed up. Why would fate go to all that trouble? So I wouldn't have to wait in line.

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  1. wow... this was amazing...

    seriously. i dunno what to say.

    except that i wish i was you, and i love you to death! you're soooo amazing!