Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Where is Our Protection?

Have you ever thought about what protects our hearts?
Just a cage of rib bones and other various parts
So it's fairly simple to cut through all of the mess....
and stop the muscle that causes us to:



Where is our protection? We are all so fragile, so vulnerable, so breakable to all things. I have found that even the happiest and most beautiful of moments never last, and luck is a faithless companion. But why? Is there a certain rule of happiness we all were not aware of?

THE RULE OF HAPPINESS: A limited supply. Must only be allowed to reach a certain point, or a certain climax before it must be taken away. But Why? Simple. Because it is unfair to be happier than another person for a long period of time, and eventually each individual must sacrifice their own adopted happiness to equalify the world.

Life, it seems, is a strong supporter of "The Rule of Happiness" and inevitably will be as long as the world continues to spin. Where is our protection? Where do we find the point in our lives where we are able to say for ourselves that we will not support or follow "The Rule of Happiness" and will be the the source of control on our own luck and how long we will be happy for? Where we keep those who are important to us, remember the memories we never want to lose, and live our lives the way we choose. I have begun to believe, this point in our lives may never come. We cannot change the inevitable, we cannot make people see or be a certain way, and more times than not, everyone turns out to be the exact person they swore they never would be...

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  1. i. you. blegh.

    that was beautiful! i am speechless, literally.

    i honestly can't even put what i want to say into words. you just said everything i constantly seem to think in my head... but it never comes out. gosh, you're just too amazing! haha.

    ahh... perfection. right there, folks. ^^