Sunday, August 22, 2010

Life is dreary.
It's passes in a silent blur.
Alone in this darkened emtpy house, all I feel is the energy in my body slowly drown out. It's as though someone is sucking my soul from me.
I have no inspiration, just exhaustion.
Exhaustion from the lack of sleep. From my broken heart. From all of these thoughts that I think of him.
Perhaps, I'm also exhausted by fear.
Fear of what he'll do to me. What will he say about me? What will they think? Questions fill my mind, until I find myself lying on my bed hoping for sleep to conquer me. It doesn't. The dreams still come. His face still lingers behind the lids of my eyes. Loving me, holding me. Whispering in my ear. Kissing my forehead.
I'm weak.
You're still all I can think about. No matter how hard I try, I find that traces of you will last forever.
I suppose I could just lie about everything. Pretend like I'm not still in love with you, like you never even hurt me.
I should lie. It would make things so much less complicated.
But then, I'd be just like you...

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