Thursday, January 26, 2012

My darlings, I've decided to start writing 100 letters, everyday, for 100 days. Some will be short and others will be long, but it's to get these thoughts, these whispers out of my head, out of this heavy heart that sometimes makes it hard to breathe.

I'd like to thank you for your continuing support and comments posted on this blog that I'm well aware can be morbid and dark at times. I am OK. I know some of you worry, but I'm healing. I still hurt, but it's not so overwhelming lately. That's what's so wonderful about this world of bloggers. We heal each other. We listen. We speak. Here, I feel like I have a voice, like someone, though it may be no one, somewhere in this universe is listening. And even with that knowledge, I feel a little stronger, I can walk with my head higher, and sometimes without my earbuds clinging to my ears.

Before, I head off to bed, to dream of something far greater than what I can even hope for, I'd like to ask...What is in YOUR gallery of broken hearts? What are you sorry for? Who do you miss?

I'd love to hear these things. I love you all so much.


  1. I miss my brother. He died last year. I still blame myself for it. Sometimes, it feels as though no one is there to help me heal. There's always my blog. Then again, it has been labelled emo. Haters gonna hat, y'know. I wish people would realize that I'm still not past phase 1 : acceptance

  2. Dear V, this post filled my lungs with hope. I admit that sometimes I feel so overwhelmingly saddened by your blog that I cannot post any comments. So I tend to read quietly and then disappear like a ghost. To hear that you are healing is a great comfort to me; I hope it will continue until the golden day when your heart no longer aches for anything or anyone. Everything changes, and sadness always ends. Take courage in that thought. xxx

  3. We are always listening. Even when we (meaning me) don't always comment here.
    Glad you're doing well <3

  4. My gallery is my blog I guess, but what I'm most afraid of is not having enough time to perfect life and correct all past mistakes.


  5. My gallery is one far beyond the reaches of me. There's not much hope left in the world, but there is you. You fill me with hope and joy. You are my gallery of broken hearts. You will always be my biggest wonder. My biggest hope. I sincerely wish you the best because frankly, you deserve it. Don't forget me please.