Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My Ghost.

Do you want to know the very first thing that came into my mind when he put his arm around me?
Suddenly, I was sitting in the PE hall again, smelling the many mixtures of different scented perfumes overpowering the air. I was plugging my nose, hoping for oxygen at any minute, waiting for the final bell to ring signaling my lung's freedom.
Do you want to know the very last thing that came into my mind when he put his arm around me?
Question: How do you seperate the present from the past?
Does there ever come a turning point in your life where you can love someone else?
You're always there somehow. In my every thought, in every song, in my every prayer. Will I ever find the heart I once gave to you? Can I ever feel something again without your face appearing into my mind? Have I already given all I've got to only... you?
Though, I don't know where or when, I know I'll eventually find myself not thinking about you for days at a time. But, I've realized, there will always be some place in my heart that no one will see, that stays in love with you.

1 comment:

  1. sigh...

    you're so freaking amazing at writing.
    and i completely adore that last paragraph.
    that's like... my feelings in a nutshell.
    i think i'm gonna stitch that into a quilt someday! hahahahahaha!

    no but seriously... this was amazing.